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Friday, June 22, 2012


Holly's Things Females Love to Do on Facebook:aa-woman-computer-on-bed
Check out MY list below and let me know if you are guilty as charged
1. Invent middle names that declare their alterego of the moment such as Keisha blessedandbeautiful Johnson or T’Andrea OhSoClassssssy Washington….
2. Complain about their enemies without actually naming the person, knowing that the offender will read the status: “It’s sad how some people are SO PETTY and can’t mind their OWN BUSINESS. I’m gonna pra…y for them because they need Jesus.”
3. Transform into social media ministers by posting bible verses or just making up inspirational quotes. “Men are like a box of Goobers. They seem sweet at first but they’re really just a bunch of nuts. 

4. Use their Facebook status updates to yell at the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives or Love & Hip Hop. (You know NeNe can’t “hear” you, right?)

5. Post pictures of their new hairstyles in front of the bathroom mirror and other photos to document their “natural hair journey.” 

7. Stalk ex boyfriends or stalk current boyfriends which is called “research.”
8. Declare there are no good men left anywhere on the planet Earth.
9. Pretend to be in relationships with celebrities. “Did you see my husband Kobe out there?” “About to watch my boo Idris in this new movie…”

10. Ask for help with such life-changing decisions as “Should I cook Oodles of Noodles or Hamburger Helper for dinner?”
11. Make a statement like “I’m SO pissed right now!” to get sympathy in comments, but  refuse to explain why.
12. Providing play-by-play of every menial task on their to-do list: “Today I have to go to the bank, then go do this laundry, and pick up some bobby pins from Walgreens…”

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